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Raku Products Overview

Thank you for browsing Dodero Ceramics Shop. John Dodero started out creating original handcrafted art pottery in 1970. Since then Dodero Studio Ceramics has blossomed into a full-service production studio selling fine raku ceramic pottery direct from our online shop and supplying retailers nationwide.

There are many reasons that a person would buy Raku Urns, but why should you? Their elegant beauty, their delicate look, and their ability to match a number of different decors speak volumes.

While it is a delicate style of home decoration, it is also a way to show respect for the recently departed. When you buy raku urns for your loved ones, you are showing them that you care enough to store their remains in a piece of fine art. John Dodero, our artist, found twenty years ago that he had a knack for constructing raku urns to be used for cremation ashes. Starting with one size and style, he has since expanded to a variety of different types of urn to fit the needs and personality of any customer. The Dodero line of raku urns for ashes are gorgeous, sturdy, and an ideal vessel to remember the people who are recently lost.

Not all of our urns are designed for ashes. Our line of décor urns come in a number of different sizes and colors. Originally inspired by a number of ritual and ceremonial urns from cultures and places around the world, these urns can be a sophisticated addition to any room. The raku style is noted for its decorative versatility, fitting neatly with almost any decorative theme or space. Ours, however, can really brighten a room with the distinct carving and colors. Our colors can be vibrant and mutable, blending into your rooms and giving them a subtle boost of interest that your guests are sure to notice.

Whether it’s to honor a departed loved one or simply to add interest and beauty to a room, our urns will bring a sense of comfort to you and your family. Your home is a reflection of you, the person you are and want to be, so shouldn’t it be touched by simple elegance? That’s the sort of benefit you get from raku ware pottery: the ability to have lovely, hand-designed art that reflects your personality in a simple, classic, and refined style. Be sure to browse our whole catalogue of fine ceramics and see why Dodero is the place to go to buy raku urns.

Warm Regards,  John Dodero


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