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Raku Cachepots: A Great Decoration for Every Home

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Are you contemplating a Raku cachepot purchase? You’re in the right place. Learn more about elegant handcrafted raku cachepots by Dodero Studio Ceramics here, then browse our store to find the cachepot you want.

Raku is a style of Japanese pottery that is used in tea ceremonies. It is most often used in forming tea bowls. In the process of making raku ware, a handmade raku piece is removed from a hot kiln and cooled in the open air or in a container with flammable materials. In the modern era, this type of pottery technique has already been modified.

Unlike other raku pottery styles, Dodero Studio Ceramics uses the traditional raku method of creating cachepots and other decorative ceramics. Potter John Dodero produces cachepots – or jardinieres – that are great decorative planters for a pre planted orchid, other decorative plants or artificial flower arrangements.

Below are opinions compiled from reviews by people who have purchased cachepots from Dodero Studio Ceramics:

Interior Designers Recommend Raku Cachepots:

These raku fired cachepots are very sleek in design, perfect to add a touch of sophisticated elegance when decorating the interior of a home. The patina, shape and color of Dodero Studio’s cachepots bridge colors to the rest of the displays and furniture pieces, adding a unified and peaceful atmosphere to a room. It’s even more beautiful if you place a pre-planted flowering orchid or other flowering houseplant inside.

Plant Lovers Appreciate Raku Cachepots:

The overall look of a plant placed in a cachepot is really gorgeous. It is perfect to display in just about any room in your house. The beauty of the orchid is best paired with these cachepots because they share a touch of beauty and elegance without being overwhelmed.

Moms at Home Love Raku Cachepots:

Stay at home moms favor handcrafted cachepots by Dodero Studio Ceramics more than any other cachepot makers. They say ‘simplicity is elegance’ and this is what our raku fired cachepots deliver. And while they’re great for decorating, they also make thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression.

The reviews of these cachepots are definitely heartwarming and convincing. Even I, myself, was in awe when I first laid eyes on a raku cachepot. When you appreciate the deeper art in them, you will see how gorgeous the elegant simplicity of a Dodero Studio Ceramics cachepot really is. And like other decorative items, they have a beautiful story behind their appearance.

Buying raku fired cachepots by Dodero Studio Ceramics is made more convenient with our online store. Our caring, attentive customer service make shopping for cachepots easy and saves you time. We even offer free shipping for buyers inside the Continental U.S.

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