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Slip Casting

Slip casting is a technique for the mass production of pottery, especially for shapes not easily made on a wheel. A liquid clay body slip (usually mixed in a blunger) is poured into plaster moulds and allowed to form a layer – the cast – on the inside cavity of the mould. In a solid cast mould, ceramic objects such as handles and platters are surrounded by plaster on all sides with a reservoir for slip, and are removed when the solid piece is held within. For a hollow cast mould, once the plaster has absorbed most of the liquid from the outside layer of clay the remaining slip is poured off for later use. The cast piece is removed from the mould, “fettled” (trimmed neatly) and allowed to dry. This produces a greenware piece which is then dried before firing, with or without decoration and glaze. The slip casting technique is suited to the production of complex shapes, and is commonly used for sanitary ware, such as toilets and basins, and smaller pieces like figurines and teapots. The technique can also be used for small scale production runs or to produce limited editions of objects.

Slip Casting Workshop

Workshop given by John Dodero on mould making and slip casting in a production studio. Dates to be announced. Please contact me if you are interested.

Location: Dodero Studio – Jacksonville, Oregon

$275. Per person

Mid to upper level experience potters.

10 people max.

Workshop will entail:

Overview of the benefits of slip casting your work.

Studio tour of casting set up and production process from mixing the dry clay to shipping and packing.

Hands on demonstration on making a two piece mould with a hemispherical parting line, using a wheel thrown original model.

Assess pieces of participants and instruct how a mould can be made from it.

Working with #1 Pottery Plaster

John has been manufacturing a line of slip cast ceramics and supplying retailers across the U.S. for the last 15 years

Visit our Facebook Group page for workshop pictures.

Contact for information or registration, Email or phone 541-899-8285

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