DC Series Urns available now:

  • Couples in lime green,Aqua and Yellow
  • Large tall in yellow
  • Standard in Persimmon

Dodero Studio Ceramics DC Series raku urns are available in Keepsake, Standard, Couples and Large Tall sizes, in our full range of colors. Already made and ready for shipment. Free shipping to continental U.S.



DC Series of Raku Urns for Ashes

DC Series Urns available at this time:


  • Couples in Lime Green,Yellow and Aqua
  • Large tall in yellow



All the pieces in this series are original and one of a kind. When they sell out I cannot reproduce the exact piece. Special orders are available, I can use the same color combination on the same size piece, but I never know how they will come out because I work more with a process to develop the design rather than a set idea to work towards.

I post new pieces as I make them, so there will usually be a limited number available. To purchase one of the available urns, choose size and color on drop-down menu and photo and and price of chosen piece will come up for view, please contact me if you need assistance.

Interested in a DC Series urn in a particular size with a color combination you have seen on one of these pieces? Please contact me and we can work something out.

Design Inspiration

The DC Series is inspired by my fascination with dynamic and dissipative systems, coupled with a deep interest in physics. I believe that the huge scientific advances being made in the last century influenced the Cubist movement in some way.  The theories of Relativity and the idea of the warping of space-time seem to have been particularly strong influences. Now, I would imagine there is some eye-rolling going on at this point, but I would urge folks to look into what in my view is one of the many confluences of art and science.

I’m having a great time with this new avenue and hope the DC Series is enjoyable.

Please contact us if you have questions or need clarification. These pieces are in stock and under normal conditions ready for shipment. Price includes free shipping to continental U.S.

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Dodero Studio Ceramics


Dodero Studio Ceramics


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