Cache Pot Orchid Planter 4 inch




Cache Pot Orchid Planter 4 inch

The Cache Pot Orchid Planter jardiniere is used  for pre-planted plants or artificial arrangements. When used with orchids, a liner and saucer must be used inside the cachepot to avoid condensation and seepage on underside of cachepot. The listed size of Cache pot orchid planter corresponds to the size inner planter that the cachepot will hold. Our Cache Pot Orchid Planter 4 inch actual opening size is 4.5 inches to accommodate a 4 inch flower pot you will place inside.

All our cache pot orchid planters are handcrafted at our ceramics studio in Jacksonville Oregon. We have designed our cachepots specifically for orchids, silk and live floral arrangements.

The Cache Pot Orchid Planter or jardiniere is great because it will fit in most every home. There is always a large selection of orchids pre planted in the 4 inch size. Our cache pot orchid planters will complement your orchids and brighten your home decor.

The Raku patina, shape and color make the cache pots ideal for an orchid planter, tropical plants and artificial arrangements. The range of raku colors we use can bridge the color from the arrangement to its setting. Dodero Ceramic Studios Cache Pot Orchid Planter jardiniere will complement traditional to ultra contemporary décor. We work to stay on top of the new trends while keeping a firm underpinning in the tradition of classic ceramic and pottery styles. Free shipping to continental U.S. Please contact us with any inquiries.

Cache Pot Orchid Planter 4 inch, ACTUAL SIZE 4.5 inches OPENING 7″ HIGH X 7″ WIDE


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