6.5″ Cachepot planter Volcano Bowl


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Cachepot volcano bowl planter

 6.5″ Raku cachepot volcano bowls will hold a 6.5″ liner pot and saucer, excellent planter for medium size orchids and floral arrangements. This cachepot planter has a wider and deeper band of carving and is slightly larger than the 6 inch cachepot planter.   Raku volcano bowls a good choice for a highly functional piece of decorative ceramics. Use as a standalone ceramic focal point or as a fabulous cachepot/planter or  stage for your favorite orchid or floral arrangement. Available in three sizes and a range of decor colors.
6.5″ Cachepot  VOLCANO BOWL  ACTUAL SIZE 6.75″ OPENING- 12″ WIDE X 6.5″ HIGH

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