Urns for Ashes

One of the final decisions a person can make is what to do with their body after they are deceased. Some people choose to be buried in a graveyard, where the family can come visit and bring flowers. The headstone is a nice way to remember the person and provides a beautiful monument to a person’s life. (Continued at bottom of page)

Some people, however, do not want to be separated from their family like that and want to remain close. For these people, cremation is the best option, where the ashes can be kept in the home and be a constant reminder to the family of the deceased. Instead of a headstone, then, urns for ashes is what the person needs to look for, finding a beautiful resting place for their remains.

The urns for ashes available at Dodero Studio Ceramics provide a beautiful, dignified collection of urns for the person or the family to choose to house the remains of someone who was so dear to them. These urns, inspired by Asian designs, provide many different options for all sizes and budgets. These urns for ashes are a perfect way to honor your loved one and provide a beautiful peace of art for the home.

From miniature options to extra large tall options, no matter what size a person wants, they can find it at Dodero Studio Ceramics. Some people want the extra large tall urns to provide a major centerpiece for the room, while others would want the miniature to provide a discreet resting place for the departed loved one. The perfect urn will be a reflection of the person in their life, showing off that person’s personality even in death.

If you are looking for an urn for a loved one, or for yourself, look to Dodero Studio Ceramics to find the perfect option for your home.

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