Urns for Ashes

Urns for Ashes, and my commitment to help folks with a very difficult process. I have been making urns for ashes for many years, thou I did not start out with this use in mind.  I had alway had a tendency to make more meaningful or ceremonial pieces and would have...

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Slip casting ceramics pottery classes

What follows is information I offer in my slip casting classes: After 25 years of making one of a kind pieces, I realized slip casting my most popular items was a way of streamlining my production cycle. What looked like an easy way to go became, as usual, more...

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Choosing a cremation urn

Those that are disposed with the nearly unbearable task of choosing a cremation urn for the ashes of a loved one are often left feeling as though nothing is good enough, and nothing can fully capture the essence of the void left by family or friend who has found...

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Care of Ceramic Urns for Ashes

With the popularity of cremation there is also an increase in the demand for cremation urns in the market. Lots of companies have come up with interesting and beautiful range of cremation urns in order to fulfill the expectation of the buyers. The purchase of a...

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