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Artist Statement

john doderoIn 1970, most potters were following the Asian or European tradition of design. My inspiration came from the many fine examples of Native American ceramic design: Mimbres, Sikyatki and Pre-Columbian pottery styles were my primary departure points. The focus has been to combine, distill and contemporize these styles and to define the archetypes from which they evolved. The last 25 years have been spent exploring Asian motifs and finding a fusion/commonality with the West. The techniques and materials employed for surface decoration are developed to achieve a classic, yet natural appearance. The hope is to produce works that will not be clichés and will withstand the test of time. The archetypes and designs in the works are meaningful to me, but the viewer should derive their own meaning. “I feel each piece is made for someone; I just have to wait for him or her to claim it.”

Dodero Studio Ceramics has been specializing in decorative ceramics and raku pottery since 1970.

Decorative Ceramics / Pottery in Raku and stoneware are the primary focus of Dodero Studio Ceramics. Spending many years as a gallery owner / operator, studio potter and design consultant, John Dodero has developed a simple and powerful design style to complement any décor.

The fusion of Asian and Native American design has proven to be traditional, yet contemporary. The calm presence satisfies practical décor needs without being cliché or appearing as ethno kitsch. The strong ceremonial style and natural gourd shapes developed over many years of Native American inspired work, has been blended with a distinctly Asian look.

The many choices of items include Raku Cachepots and planters for orchids, Raku decorative ceramic Urns, and decorative pieces.

Our Raku Urns were developed in the late 80s in an attempt to fuse the East and West. They are available in a range of colors and sizes. We produce raku ceramic urns as decorative pieces and as urns for ashes. These raku ceramic urns are available in sizes that will accommodate any person’s ashes as well as raku pet urns.

Raku Cachepots are intended to be used as a decorative container for a potted plant. They are sized to fit the standard planter sizes and are the perfect home for orchids or indoor plants. These Raku planters can be referred to as Cachepots or Jardinières.

The Raku process was brought to the West coast in the late 1960s, and over the years it has diverged quite a bit from its Japanese origin. The U.S. approach has revolved around a post fire reduction, as opposed to the Japanese style of plunging the ware in water after being removed from the kiln. This difference in firing technique gives the Western style a distinctive crackle pattern when carbon is trapped in the crazing, giving the bare clay a carbon luster.

The approach taken by Dodero Studio is the use of thick or fat glazes, striving for a random crazing pattern over a simple refined form. A wide range of coloring oxides are used in the glazes to meet the many décor needs. “We want to match your couch.” As odd as this sounds, we understand you have to live with our pots and we want to produce ware to complement your décor and create a harmonious environment.

Please feel free to contact us with questions you might have about Raku, our pottery, décor or decorative ceramics. We will also gladly consider custom orders in Raku or stoneware pottery.

Please call for more information on current outlets in your area. 541-899-8285 or use our Contact Form.

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